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DeRose Community: a jam to discover in these trying times

A strong community is one of our pillars. A community can be a complex and abstract concept. To me, community is an emotional experience. I often hear our members say, “I feel I belong here"; "when I come here I feel at home"; "I feel I can trust you"; "I feel supported"; "I feel relaxed"; "I feel so good after a session,” and so on. It’s all about the feeling.

DeRose Community: a jam to discover in these trying times

When I first started practicing DeRose Meditation, I couldn’t foresee the magic and the power of the community behind it. It was something that I realized with time as I participated more and more in classes, courses, and festivals. When I traveled and could join groups and practices in other schools in different cities and countries, I experienced community on an international level. It was a surprisingly uplifting discovery to the point that it became the main reason I decided to dedicate my life to Meditation and Mindfulness. It’s been 20 incredible years of a self-awareness journey and helping others discover themselves as well.

I believe more in “the power of a group” rather than an “every man by himself” kind of mentality. Community gives one a sense of not being alone out there, knowing that you have support during difficult moments, and you return that support to others as a natural consequence. A group has a strength that a single one of us, standing alone, does not have.

Throughout the years, I have realized that community has values, strengths, and a purpose. The awareness of these aspects by the group individuals enables emotional support, networking among members, exchanging knowledge and skills that lead to personal and professional development, friendships that add joy to life, and the potential to collaborate with others to generate a more significant impact in society.

Community is something that we pay close attention to at DeRose Meditation. We treat it as having its own personality, development, and life. We enhance it and personalize it so that every member is respected to evolve at their own pace while integrated into the group for support and accountability. This factor is powerful for development and cannot be ignored. We care about diversity and inclusion, so we stimulate our groups to include people of all races, beliefs, and religions. We have groups working on the development of mindfulness skills. It’s amazing how supportive people become for each other, encouraging their colleagues to evolve and reach their goals. And, the fun part is celebrating achievements!

Over the years, we saw businesses built, adventures planned out and executed, friendships forged, and even couples formed!

Here are some comments we recently heard from two of our members:

“I love the community. Its the first time I saw a group in NYC that was about healthy things and still having fun and sharing experiences. I am very happy with it.”

“It is nice to have a group to connect with on a regular basis, and the international community is amazing too. I know I can go to Spain or Buenos Aires schools where I have an instant community of friends who think similar and have the same practices. And also healthy living, eating, taking care of your body.”

Finally, we can’t ignore that a feeling of belonging to something is pivotal to longevity. Feeling supported through difficult times and taken care of when you need it enhances your emotional state and overall happiness.

We care about every member of our community, and it is a lot of fun!
Join us and discover the power of our community.

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