How DeRose Meditation positively impacts the mental well-being of its practitioners
How to Improve Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace
Why Breathwork Is Beneficial at Reducing Stress

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why breathwork is beneficial at reducing stress
DeRose Meditation Team

Why Breathwork Is Beneficial at Reducing Stress

75% of employees believe that workers have more on-the-job stress than a generation ago. For this reason, many employers complain about the unproductivity of their employees more than ever. This, in turn, impacts the business operation and the bottom line: revenue. 

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three bowls of nuts
Amanda Deitsch

The Undoing

Recently, about 30 of us participated in a group detox; apologies to anyone who disagrees, but I would say that it was a worthwhile experience! Along the way, there was some humor, some headaches, some aches, and some pains, but together, we got through it. This is an opportunity to reflect on why we use this technique, what it is and how it works at DeRose Meditation. I hope that if you could not participate, you may find this interesting.

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Ric Soares

DeRose Community: a jam to discover in these trying times

A strong community is one of our pillars.

A community can be a complex and abstract concept. To me, community is an emotional experience. I often hear our members say, “I feel I belong here”; “when I come here I feel at home”; “I feel I can trust you”; “I feel supported”; “I feel relaxed”; “I feel so good after a session,” and so on. It’s all about the feeling.

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